Sunday, February 9, 2014

My 'Facebook' announcement when we were returning to the Faith and to God

I posted this when we returned to the Faith last year.  Before our return a year ago, you could find (what seemed to me) funny, sarcastic, sometimes PG-13 rated humor on my timeline, mostly in shared pictures from pages that I followed. I also did my share of complaining. Once returning, I couldn't share those anymore, and didn't want to be a complainer. After all, what could I complain about? God's Love and Mercy supersedes all!!  I didn't even find them that funny anymore.  Here's my post regarding that:


Some of you may have noticed a change in my recent Facebook posts.  This is, I hope, a reflection of the change in my real life.  Some (most) of the changes here on Facebook are what I'm NOT saying, things I would have said or posted before.

I’m so filled with Joy that we have returned to the Catholic faith, and members of a wonderful parish (Holy Trinity) after falling away due to some major conflicts we had with our first parish in the City.  That is our fault as well, and we allowed ourselves to be pulled away in our moments of weakness.  We are blessed to have now a parish that practices the Catholic faith as it is meant to be, if one is to be Catholic.  I like to think that our loved ones who have went before us, have prayed for our return to the Faith (and perhaps, even loved ones still on earth).  I know that my grandparents, my in-laws, and many others are happy that we have started to find our way again, or should I say, His Way.  I’m definitely not saying that everyone has to be Catholic; I’m saying that’s what God intends for me, and I’m 100% sure on that.  He has blessed me with challenges to share my experience and faith with others; it’s easy to do with strangers, or fellow parishioners. But I need to share that with those I love and care about as well.

If I had a feast, and it was open to everyone who knew about it......
but I didn't tell you to join me in partaking, I wouldn't be a very good friend.  God’s love and redemption gives us the greatest feast of all: Heaven.  However, I won’t be that stereotypical ‘holy roller’ by any means and I won't judge anyone for their decisions, but I will share my joys that He has given me when it is appropriate or He calls me to do so. Judgement is never a part of that. He has never put me in a situation and called me to share, that Him and I couldn’t handle.  I would love to share those with anyone who would like to hear it, privately, and maybe in the future, publicly.  In the meantime, I invite all my friends to that feast, and if you would like to go to Catholic Mass sometime, name the time and place, anywhere in the city, and I'll be there; you don't have to be Catholic even!

There has been a real change of heart inside of me, and I’m striving to make that change apparent on the outside as well.  Unfortunately, that’s not always easy, especially after so many years of doing the opposite, but fortunately, God knows that.  He has already answered prayers as our devotion has increased.  Surely there are many difficulties in our lives, both currently, and in our future. But nothing we can’t handle.  Our problems don’t go away because we believe, our lives magically perfect.

But Chris, you might say, you have made some big mistakes and sins in the past, even six months ago, even yesterday, even today! That is quite true.  And again, unfortunately, I will sin again many times, but God once again steps in with His Love and Forgiveness if I ask Him.  I’m still the same person in many ways, but trying to be an improved one for Him.  I will try and fail, as we all do; but I will get up the next day, or even in the next minute, and still try to do my best for Him.  I will ask His help and forgiveness many, many times over the rest of my life.  I will fall; I will get back up and strive to do better. I also ask that if I make a mistake or a sin, that you don't judge all Catholics by my failings.   The 'Faith' and Love of Christ in  is perfect; however, us humans (me, you, nuns, priests, bishops, even popes) are sinners and fail miserably. No one here on this earth 'deserves' or is 'worthy', yet He still died for us and forgives us.

There are some mistakes I’ve made or at the very least, been a part of, that I’ll be asking some people for  forgiveness, and their help.  I ask for your forgiveness if I have hurt you.  I am working to forgive those that have hurt me, none of who are on Facebook with me. You will see me make mistakes, in words, actions, thoughts; that doesn’t mean one is a hypocrite.  A hypocrite would judge you while making the same mistakes in his life and finding no issue with his.  It means one is human. It means that there was only one perfect Man on this earth.  I won’t detail my sins here, as the Lord has forgiven me for them.  I ask you not to judge me, as I will not judge you for your choices or sins.  That is left for Him. You can of course choose whether or not to be my friend in the future based on who I now am, my current and future actions, my sins, my good and bad behavior. I understand.  I will miss you if you choose not to be, and miss the chance to show you the change in my heart, whether it’s yet clearly evident on the outside.

For my friends who have different belief systems, or values, or lifestyles than those of the Catholic Church: this does not change how I feel about you, nor am I judging anyone who is different than I am. I ask that you don't judge me for having differences as well.  I love you just the same...probably more, than I did before. It seems I have more love for all of my friends, and acquaintances since our return.

I have been truly blessed by my family, my friends; returning to the Faith has strengthened our marriage even more, and I hope that it will also strengthen my friendships with each of you.  I'm definitely don't have the answers for everyone; I'm just trying to find the ones He has for me.

Thank you, my friends.  Please pray for me.

Sirach 3: 17-31

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