Thursday, August 22, 2013

Every day's a party!

Well, if not a party, a celebration at least! God gives us so many reasons to celebrate being His children.

I'm so blessed and honored to be Catholic. Growing up, I remember very few 'celebrations' other than the usual Easter and Christmas honors.  Since I've started attending weekday Mass, I've come to realize and appreciate all the celebrations and feast days we have.  I knew that every day honored a different Catholic Saint and/or Feastday.  A few years ago, I'd discovered my confirmation saint's feast day was in May.  Since I started my weekday attendance sporadically over the last few months, it seems like every weekday that I go to Mass has another true celebration, and I've been so blessed and lucky to attend Mass where the Priest or Monsignor not only has a great sermon, but relates the Biblical teachings and readings to the Saint of the day.  I usually attend  Mass without looking up the Saint of the day, and later find out how it completely relates to me and my life through the Saint, sermon and Biblical readings.  Now, some days are more 'ordinary' for me, but many end up being very special, and I can feel Him speaking to me, reaching out to me. I'm so thankful.

Each day is a gift; that's why it's called the present.

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