Monday, October 14, 2013

Can we go to the OTHER church next time?

"Daddy, next time can we go to church at the other place? But I still want to come here, like maybe take turns." - Three year old boy at Mass today.

While praying before Communion, a little boy was whispering (well, 3 year old boy 'whispering', which meant the 3 nearest pews could hear him) this to his dad behind me.  How cute!!  I couldn't help but smile.  This little boy loves going to church, and wants to go to more than one.  But he didn't want to play favorites.  He just wanted MORE.

I wondered if his dad was maybe Protestant, and the other church might have been more 'fun' for a 3 year old than Sunday morning traditional Mass.  But no; according to his dad, who is Catholic, after Mass, he was speaking of a nearby parish.  I didn't have the chance to ask him what the differences were, but I was thrilled to know it was another Catholic parish.  This little boy is excited about being Catholic AND going to Mass.

I'll probably think of a lesson in this later on, but it was just so adorable, and made me smile and feel so good inside.  Thank you Jesus for that gift, in addition to the sacrifice we were celebrating.

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