Saturday, September 7, 2013

Being Christian

Being Christian...
  • is following and loving Christ.
  • doesn't mean being perfect.
  • is not being 'holier than thou'.
  • is accepting Christ's love for us.
  • is not knowing all all the answers.
  • is believing that He has and knows all the answers.
  • means you'll stumble, fall, fail, make mistakes, sin willfully....but knowing His Forgiveness is yours for the asking, with true repentance.
  • is never being alone; God is always in your heart.  He is even there if you don't believe or love Him. One turn, one word and you can find Him.
  • is not accepting everything blindly, but accepting the things on Faith that He wants you to believe.
  • does not mean hating other religions, ethnic groups, lifestyles.  It does mean detesting sin, especially because it parts us from God.
  • is the hardest thing you'll ever do...and the most rewarding. It's still easier than sacrificing yourself on a crucifix for others who abused you, hurt you, denied you, killed you, don't love you, continue to sin and be imperfect. Yet He still loves us.
  • believing that Heaven is our ultimate destination, and doing everything we can, although imperfectly, to get there.
  • doesn't mean you are always happy. It won't solve all your problems. However, it DOES make them easier to bear.

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