Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Random acts of kindness

We've all heard that phrase.  Many of us have practiced it, whether it's something like letting a car into your lane when it'd be easier to skootch on by, or paying for their doughnut in the drive through at Krispy Kreme.

But what about those who are in the peripheral of your life? While they may not be close friends, or even close acquaintances, they still matter in your life simply by crossing paths with you, once, twice or dozens of times.

Two of the most touching encounters I've had in my daily life came from people who cross my path regularly.  What's funny is, that I doubt they realize the depth of impact they made on my life (nor, I perhaps theirs), although I did try to let them know that they made a difference just by sharing their thoughts with me.  How many times have we thought something nice about someone, and didn't say anything to them? That could make a difference between a bad day and a great day for them.

Today, something that may be small for you, but makes a huge difference in someone's day.

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