Sunday, February 15, 2015

Angel watching over me

I was recently driving home late one night, and was fairly tired, although  in no danger of falling asleep.

Just as I started on the last leg a few minutes from home (it was only a 30 minute drive in all), for some reason, I thought "If I were to 'go' right now, I couldn't be any more content or happy, and I would accept that it would be God's Will for me."  I then proceeded to make the Sign of the Cross.  I also had Christian music on the radio (like K-Love or Air1).

I had barely finished my prayer, when a box appeared before me on the road, and right or wrong, I pulled hard to the right to avoid it (at 70 MPH), but was able to turn back quickly.It all happened so quickly.  Had I gone off the road at that point, there was a good chance it would have been tragic, either in severe injury or fatality.

I truly believe in the powers of God, and that He allows us to see as much as He wants us to, and the more we believe, the more we see Him in everything.  I have no doubt that I was saved, either through God's direct touch, or by my Guardian Angel.

My favorite perfume/designer is Angel/Thierry Mugler.  At that moment, I was wearing my Angel necklace, watch, lotion and perfume, plus earrings and a bracelet styled similarly.  That was the first and only time I've had that much 'Angel' stuff on, and I didn't even think of it until the next day.

I truly feel that I was saved by God, or His Servant, that night, literally. It isn't the first time that I've escaped dying or injury when there was more than a 50% chance I shouldn't have made it out either nearly unscathed, or the incident was averted completely.  It brings me joy, but it also brings me.............a bit of concern!!  What is it that is going to happen in my future that I need to be here for?  I may never know what it is, though, and that's okay.  But I think our God has great plans for me, and for each of us!! Open yourself to His Will, accept His Will as yours.

Of course, He might have been telling me that I still needed some more time to repent, as well, and to clean up my act before I perished on both Earth and the after life.

Either way, praise God for my answered (immediately!) prayer!