Sunday, November 8, 2015

Wake up with JOY

I invite all of us to examine our consciences, repent and ask forgiveness for our sins from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, taking comfort in His Forgiveness and Love for us.

Let's wake up in the morning, clothed in His Love for us, fresh, anew, pure and clean.  We have been forgiven our sins, from our baptism from Original Sin, and venial sins forgiven through His Graces and Sacraments.  I love Reconciliation/Confession, which is needed for forgiveness of mortal sins, and is wonderful for venial sins as well. But our venial sins are forgiven in other ways as well.

It's so easy to feel that we are stained with sin, but let us remember that we are pure and clothed in His Mercy and Forgiveness. Remember this, not our own selves.

Let us wake up with JOY, filled with His Love, and bask in the warmth of knowing of all He has for us.  Today, let us not go about our ways as if we are nothing more than sinners; for while we sin and are sinners, more importantly, we are His, God's Children. He created us, He knows us from our weaknesses and sins, to our joys and triumphs.  Let His Gifts REIGN all over us.

Begin each day draped in His Love, Mercy, Forgiveness, knowing that while you sin, ultimately, you are God's Creation, and He loves no one more than He loves you. He wants us to be happy, succeed in His Plan for us and be with Him in Heaven when our time here is done.