Knock, knock...

Who's there?

Good question!  I know the face and spirit on this side of the keyboard, but have no idea who is reading my blog, if anyone is reading my blog!

Why do I have a blog, anyway?

One of the Gifts that I feel that the Holy Spirit has given me is writing.  Why do I think this?  I've always loved to write, and as many, often dreamed of writing the great American novel.  Alas, this has not been in the cards for me! (Although, I did win a short story competition for the state while in HS about a man and his cat....)  I often thought about writing, but didn't move towards it.  I'm proud that my son has the gift of writing; he was even featured in his (very large) high school yearbook his senior year. Coincidentally, I also was published in my high school yearbook my senior year; I was asked to write a poem commemorating a special hometown celebration, and it's printed on the inside cover, first page, of every yearbook for that year! :)

So, after my return to the Faith in February 2013, I felt all this energy pouring out of me.  I began to write. I wrote a little here and there for private use, but also began frequenting a message board for Catholics.  A few of the blog posts here were originally written for an online forum; the ones I can't get out of my mind get posted or elaborated on here on my blog.

One reason I started writing was because of how overwhelming the Spirit was inside me, and I had to let my thoughts out.  I don't want to forget these moments with the Spirit, and my memory is going fast, no matter how much something means to me.  Ahhh, the decline of various senses as I grow older....hearing is close behind, I'm afraid.  I also had an amazing experience with the Spirit in 1999, and I regret not keeping a journal at the time.

It's interesting, that at times, I will re-read something I've written, even shortly thereafter, and not remember writing it so well, or maybe not at all.  Where did the words come from?  My heart. And my heart at those times is filled with the Spirit.

Thanks and praise to our Lord for this gift.  Even if it's only You and I, I will cherish the words, and do my best to learn the lessons you've given me.


  1. I am here and am greatly encouraged by your blog! The Lord brought us back together "for such a time as this." [Esther 4:14] You words are giving me strength for the journey

  2. :) Thanks my friend! I'm excited for both of us! You have given me much strength and are very much a blessing to me.


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