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For my husband:

Silver strands
                swirling from the sky,
                                sparkling, cascading,
        dancing diamond dust, breath of angels
                   Each crystal a hymn of 
                                      Heavenly rejoicing
floating, falling, lifting in a breeze
            each flake - a wish
               every drop - a dream 
Comes a glistening Gift from God
         swirling, softly, caressing the soul
                           nourishing the spirit
                                       Whispering, sweetly 
              His consuming Love.

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I come to you, a sinner, and beg of your forgiveness.
Forgive all my sins and do not hold them against me.
I am weak without You, o Lord.
I need You, my Lord.
You are my everything; let me cleanse my heart for you.
Please Lord be my strength and my rock.
Stand between me and Satan.
Our Savior, Jesus Christ, please send your mother, Mary, to my side, as the devil fears her and her love for You.
I am weak, Lord. I am unworthy. Please forgive all my sins that I have presented to you, especially those of which I'm most contrite, for they are the most evil.
With you, my Lord, I will find peace in my heart.


Shackle us o Lord


I offer to you our prayers, that we may be your slaves, 
slaves to your Love, your Mercy, your Guidance.

Break these chains that bind us to all that is not Holy, let all that see us know that we
are shackled to You and only You, forever.

Intertwine our souls with your Love, let us be healed from the sorrow and pain of sin, 
teach us how to resist the lure of the devil, that he may fail where you have succeeded,

Take our hearts, take our minds, take our souls. 
Take from me all that I have, for it was not mine.

Bind me to your breast, O Lord.
Shackle my soul.

Break the chains that choke our souls and all who have gone before us.
Wrap your Love around our hearts.

Restrict our movement Lord, that the only path we can take is yours.
Let us rejoice at the steep hill we climb for our Master.

Make us your slaves o Lord, that You will set us free.

Remember, the devil isn't just working on 'us'

Sometimes, we do all the things we should do
Pray all the prayers we are supposed to pray.
Honor God in all His Glory
Love others with the heart He has given us.

And we get slapped in the face.
Kicked in the side.
Spit on the head.
Tripped down the stairs of emotion.

Why? Why? Why?

If the devil can't get to you
Through you...
If you've resisted his lies
Resisted his temptations.

He will work on the ones
Next to you
In front of you
Behind you.

He will try to get to you
through them
They might tempt you
or hurt you in your weakest spot.

Maybe they can't resist
the chance to put you down,
To be mean or hateful
They don't know how to be strong.

It's hard.  It hurts.
Pray for them.

It's sad and it's difficult.
For you.
But more difficult and sad for them.
Pray for them.

You've not always held your tongue.
You've not always been kind.
Now you've welcomed the Lord into your heart.
He gives you strength

The actions or words that have hurt you
may have been their one mistake of the week.
Their moment of weakness is directed at you
Because you can bear it.

Another person, one who is weak,
One who doesn't know the love of Christ
And His Sacrifice
might crumble under the assault or temptation.

Pray for them.

Rejoice in the challenge that you
have been given
for with Him, you can do

All things.

April 2014


Prayer for my friends

Dear Father,
I ask you to hear my prayer for Your children, my friends and family.  So many of my friends and family are struggling right now; many are dealing with their loss of a loved one, and I ask and pray that those loved ones are on their way to You, O Lord. Comfort the family and friends left behind, and help them to realize the Joy that their loved ones will hopefully see.

Others are lost, and they don't know why. I pray that they see the error of their ways, and seek You sooner rather than later.  Help me and others around them to be an example that leads them to You.  May they come to understand the Joy of your Creation, and Your Love and Sacrifice for them.

I have friends with broken hearts today, and I don't know how to help them; I can only point them to You, Father.  Nothing happens to anyone on this earth that You are not aware of.  I come to you and beg Your Help for them. Fill their hearts with Your Love, in all the cracks and pain that they think is left of their hearts.

I pray for my ailing friends and family; some have Alzheimer's, others have cancer.  Others suffer silently from illnesses.  I pray, if it's Your Will, to heal completely those suffering, especially those who seem to be at the end of their lives.  If they are not to be healed, I beg of You Your Consolation and ease their suffering.  Help them to see You before and after they leave this earth.

Thank you Lord, for all the Graces You have given us.  Thank you for this day. I praise and bless Your Holy Name, Jesus Christ our Savior.  Guide me to share Your Love. 

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