Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Choose Life

Thank you Lord for the life You have given us.  
We pray that all those whom You have given life receive it, and are born into a world that becomes better with them in it.  We pray for all those unborn children who were not given a chance at life. We pray for all the children born who do not receive the love of their parents. Hear our prayers, Lord, for the mothers and fathers who make the decision to abort their babies.  Show them the way to Your side, that they may see the Hope and Love You have for each of us. Show them the life choices that are better for all.  Let us not heap one sin upon another.  All of us are sinners, Father.  Let us not condemn each other for our different sins, but help each other to rise up against all sins.  Forgive us our sins when we call on you, Savior of man.  
We praise You, we bless You, we thank You, God Almighty.

Thank you God, for my birthmother Penny choosing life, and all mothers who choose life, and for the family that was chosen for me.

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