Friday, March 21, 2014

Stained glass

While at Mass today, I had the opportunity to ponder upon the beautiful stained glass I was surrounded by at a beautiful parish.  I've been very blessed to have visited and seen some beautiful artwork, including stained glass, in the last few months.  Today, and many of the days I've been at Mass, the sun was shining through the windows, creating even a more brilliant piece of art.  These pictures I've shared here are from the internet, and alas, not from seeing them in person.

When you let the sun shine through, it becomes more stunning.

When you let the Son shine through you, you become more brilliant. When His Light shines, you are even more beautiful, starting from the inside out.  Your face becomes a beacon for His Love; your joy is in the warm glow of His Love.

If I do not share His Love, His Light, His Joy in my heart, then I am dim, dull, and muddied, much like stained glass appears to be when it's dark.

Peace be with you and may you be guided by the Holy Spirit on your journey.

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