Sunday, July 28, 2013

Gossip and standing by....

One thing that weighs on my mind at times:

I sometimes am hanging out with a group of friends and acquaintances.  "B" came up to the people I was sitting with and started saying things about "A" who just left.  Now, the topic of conversation seems to be well liked, successful and popular. Did anyone near me stick up for "A"? Nope. Everyone sat there and listened to it.

I won't sit by and listen to that.  I'm not perfect. I've gossiped in the past, and I've talked about others. But thankfully, I like to think I've changed and grown.  If I do have something to say, I TRY to think about how I'd like it if that person was saying the same about me.  I also try not to say anything behind someone's 'back' so to speak, that I wouldn't say to her or his face.

It saddens me that people don't stick up for their friends, let alone their acquaintances.  The gossiper and the others will then be all nice to a person's face while running someone down when that person is not around.

What person "B" was saying about person "A", told me more about "B" than it did "A", which I'm sure wasn't her intention.

Just rambling, I guess......

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  1. I struggle with complicity in these situations as well.


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