Thursday, August 1, 2013

Letting go....and letting in

Let go and let God.

We've probably seen that on different church signs on their front lawns.  We hear that phrase a lot in secular life as well: "Just let it go."  We hear it when we are angry at someone or something; we hear it when we are nagging or scolding someone. We even hear it when we are hurting. It can be hard to let it go.

I'm thinking about a different type of 'letting go', that's even tougher.

First, let's think about what we are letting go. Anger? Sure. Lectures? Okay.

Let it go. It's easy (or at least, easier) to let go of things that are obviously detrimental to our lives. It's harder to let go of things that we enjoy, that we love.  We cling to our 'fun' sins, we cling to our daily lives, we cling to our prayers and prayer intentions.  Give them all to God.

Recently, I started reading the 33 Days to Morning Glory; in one of the first daily devotions, it talks about giving all our good deeds and prayers away.  Don't use them for ourselves, but offer them for whatever intentions Mary knows are needed.

I look around and see so many things that I love: my family, friends, home, many things I enjoy doing or love to do....yet, we are asked not to cling to these things either. Could I walk away from one of these? From all of these?  I know I should, for the Love of God, if that is what He asks of me. I look at my children, friends, family; I see what I think are mistakes, possibly ones that will keep them from Heaven (now I know how MY mom felt at times!).  It makes me sad that they might not be in Heaven with me (God willing, that I go there).  It's hard for me to wrap my mind around it all; I will be perfectly happy in Heaven, being with our Lord. My human, earthly mind says I can't be happy without these things I cherish on earth.

Let it go.  God should be #1. Not us, not our family, not our things. God.  God lets us go where we want.  If we choose to walk away from Him, He won't force Himself on us.

We must open our hearts and let go of things we think important to us, give them to Him, so that we can receive in our hearts the greatest gifts from God.

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