Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Answered....Glory to God!

Praying can be difficult sometimes, at least for me.

I like praying for others and their intentions; I like praying with thanksgiving and gratitude.  I am learning to pray to request His Help.  After all, we would want our children to come to us when they have a problem, right? If we knew they had a problem that we could help them with, and they didn't come to us, I think we'd feel sad and hurt that they didn't trust us enough to ask, especially if it was something that they couldn't do on their own, or could do better if they had our help.  Sure, we need to learn to do things on our own, and make our way, but we truly can't do anything without the Lord.  All Glory is to Him!

So I'm learning. I feel selfish when I ask Him for help, especially when my requests are little tiny things that don't deserve His time.  Remember, though, we don't deserve His Time, or Love, either, but He gives them to us, freely and happily.  It's hard to ask when you feel the complete unworthiness of being human, and being a sinner.

I recently had a super large report and project I completed, and in the past, had some difficulties with the process on my end and with the clients.  Before I started the project, I prayed for His Help in completing the project portion fully.  Before starting the large report portion, I again prayed, this time for His Assistance on my portion, as well as for the client I was submitting the project for.  I then got to work.  I turned over my prayers to Him and didn't dwell on them.  And what did He decide to do?

Well, He answered my prayers completely. Yes, 100%.  Whereas before there were often days and days of communication, clarification and discussion, there were no questions. Zero.  My report was basically perfect, and their reception was as well.  It wasn't just me the prayers were answered for, either.  Many times the feedback and clarification I received from them was in the report and project, but they missed it.  Not this time.

Sadly, perhaps, I didn't even think about all the prayers I said for the project until a few days afterwards. I had so completely turned it over to God and did my part, and He did His part, that it was so natural and felt so right.  

All Praises and Glory to God, in all His Goodness, all His Wisdom, and all His Love. Thank you, Father.


  1. I'm falling apart.Rejected other Catholics, blamed God, lack belief, did things that are in the news all the time and you wouldn't want me around your family and i can't say more. I'm waiting to die once the time is right and i can do it properly.

    I WILL NEVER DO THEM AGAIN BUT OTHERS WON'T TRUST ME. I have this wish to end it but i'm to cowardly.

    please don't post this, If there's a God tell him i'm sorry for hating him and tell the Blessed Virgin i wish i could see her.

    Please don't post this, i'm begging you just pray that i might see the light before its too late.

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    You are in my prayers. Please go to Church, please go to Confession! I PROMISE you that you can be forgiven. Do not lose hope. If you are breathing, it is NOT too late. But you cannot do it yourself. Please click on the Rosary page here and say a Rosary. Then do the same with the Divine Mercy. I will include you in those prayers also. You are so worth more than you realize. Call your nearest Catholic parish and make an appointment for Confession; it will be anonymous, and sealed. I know God can save you if you want Him and let Him. Turn your problems over to Him; just say, "HERE, they are Yours Lord." If you do not how to pray, just try saying "Jesus, I love you. Father, I love you. Holy Spirit, I love you." Any simple phrase like that will work....Jesus forgive me. Just say it over and over and over and put your heart in the Lord's hands.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. I have this inbuilt scheme to tell people so they reject me. So as to confirm i have no one and to help me end it one day.It sounds horrible i know but because i failed in the past with wanting to harm myself i sometimes felt i needed a push. I swear, i'm don't need or want any doctors. I have had all that in the past. I wish i could really believe like you do.

  4. I'm sorry you had to read all that. If i just listen online to Rosary would it be ok? I don't think i have the fullness of belief.I have no one.

    Could you just confirm you got all my comments. I haven't been sleeping well and i'm all over the place.

    I think i better go.I'm not what i'm going to do anymore. Thanks for your prayers.


  5. Hi,
    I didn't want to disrupt your blog with fresh comments on your new page so i hope you don't mind me writing here.

    Thanks for removing the other post.Thanks also for your prayers, and the others on CAF.

    If i sounded harsh at times i'm sorry but i find it hard to truly believe, which i why i sought friends. I don't go out the house so my mind wanders and i feel lonely at times.



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