Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Feeling still in the Lord

Thanks for sticking with me!  I haven't felt very literary, not even 'internet literary' lately. My thoughts have been contained mostly to a few words on a Facebook status or two. I've even been silent on my favorite Catholic forum.

I haven't been suffering from a dryness, but more quietness, stillness.  I've still had thoughts during my prayer and Faith life, but I haven't put them to paper.  Perhaps it's the Lenten season.

In the past year (14 months actually), I've had moments of being overwhelmed by all the Graces and Blessings I was receiving from God.  Other times, it's been more quiet.
 We need to remember that whether we are being God-struck, or still, that we need to keep praying, moving forward, sharing the Good News.  It's easy to pray and worship when we are getting consolations, signs, joys, graces and blessings.  We should definitely rejoice!  But I've learned it's important to stay the course, to keep going, even without them.  Faith is a choice, not a feeling.  When we choose to pray, to attend Mass and Adoration, go to Confession, when we don't 'feel' like it, that actually deepens our Faith in God, our relationship with Him.  Sometimes, during these still moments of Faith, the surface may seem peaceful, but there is a lot going on underneath, or around the bend. He is preparing the way for us. I love the way He sometimes will give me a sign; if your eyes are open to Him, you will see the signs. ALL good things are from God! Every good thing, He's the reason for!  Give thanks to God for all good things.

God, thank you for all You have given us, your humble servants.  Help us to remember that You are there even when we are feeling still.  Thank you for the signs and consolations You give us, and grant us the Grace to see them. AMEN!

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