Thursday, April 24, 2014

Live your faith out loud!

We often assume that others are just like us, that they think like us, that they act like us.  Whether we pray every day, or never, we think others are doing likewise.

However, since returning a year ago, I'm finding that isn't true.  Seriously, all along many friends and family had their faith practices under that bushel basket.

We don't want to worship on the street corner like the Pharisee, for his reward is on earth, and is for his own glory, not God's.  But we can't hide our faith under a basket! Let your light SHINE! Better yet, let HIS light shine!

For example, suppose I knew of a glorious banquet, filled with all the best food and drink, and it was available for everyone. If I didn't tell you about it, wouldn't you be hurt? Especially if you found out some of your friends and family were going, but they also didn't tell you?  Heaven is neither a feast, nor a banquet; words cannot describe Heaven, nor can any comparisons even come close. So, if you can, imagine missing the most perfect feast on earth, full of the richest foods (with no calories!), delicious drink, mesmerizing desserts, and perfect entertainment (and no, don't even suggest Miley or Biebs).  Your family, friends and acquaintances have been attending the banquet for years, but never told you about it. Maybe you'd seen a flyer for it, and mentioned it to someone....and that person said, "Oh yes! It's wonderful! I've enjoyed it for some time and go every day!"

Share the joy. Be an example. Live your faith, talk about your faith. If you can talk about how great your favorite player on your favorite team, or your favorite singer, or TV show, or book.....why can't you talk about your great Savior?

It might be in small ways, but we can do great things in small ways.  Compliment (and mean it!) someone's cross or crucifix necklace. I did this just last week, and it turns out the young lady isn't even baptized, but she IS searching. If I hadn't opened myself first up to God, then up to her, I wouldn't have known gotten to have a great conversation with her; I pray that I helped her in even a small way.

I see an acquaintance who attends my parish around time sometimes.  Do I surreptitiously ask how he liked the homily on Sunday? Or, if I missed it, what I missed? No! I'll ask right in front of everyone else; why not? It's a conversation. It also holds me accountable for who I am, and whose I am.

I think we need to see regular, ordinary people talking about their faith in conversation. Don't be ashamed. You never know when it will touch someone, or open up the floor for questions.

Pray the Rosary while waiting in line, or on the plane, or subway. Wear your medals, your crucifix.  It's a fine line, but you can find it. If God and Faith are part of your every day, every moment, life, then there won't be that distinction between where your Christianity ends and you begin. It becomes one.

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