Wednesday, August 28, 2013


So, you may have read my story about the bookstore. A week later, I figured I needed to be better 'armed' and picked up a few plastic rosaries and pamphlets. I put them in my purse, not knowing why or when I'd need them, and I have a fairly small purse right now.

I went off to go to Mass in the city where I went the previous week, and as I drove, I wondered what I should do this week; should I go to the bookstore again? Hmmmm. I prayed for God to show me the answer. I got there 30 minutes early so I could do my Rosary and Divine Mercy Novena.

I had barely parked near the Church, and I saw a man walk up to a woman, but then move on. He spoke, and I thought he was speaking to someone behind me. He asked again..."Can I have some money for a sandwich?" Now, in the past I have given food to people, but not in many years. (I don't see many homeless in general in my neck of the woods). I also tend not to give money to people, although I will if I feel the 'push'. Without hesitation, I said I could buy him a sandwich. I had just noticed a Jimmy John's on the corner as I drove in; I didn't notice it last week, or when I was next door  last winter. He said thanks. The XXXX (not Catholic) Church (he said) wouldn't feed him because they caught him sleeping on their property. I won't judge either one, I don't know both sides of the story.

We walked over to the sandwich shop. We walked, and I believe he said his name was Jeremy. I put my Bible in the car so I didn't have to carry it in the heat, and we walked over. He asked about that (Bible Study? Nope, Mass.) and after I bought his lunch, I asked if we could sit at the table while he ate. I said I wasn't eating because I was going to Mass. He seemed intrigued. I asked if he'd like to come, and he declined politely. I mentioned to him that it was nice and cool in the Church; he could just watch if he wanted. Anyway, he ate, and saved half his sandwich and chips for later (plus the cookie that I surprised him with). I invited him again, and he said he had to meet friends. Okay, no worries.  I said I wasn't trying to preach at him, but , "If you knew where there was the best food in the world, and it was free, wouldn't you tell EVERYONE about it?" (Best I could come up with on the spot)

He acted like he was starting to go, but then got real serious. That eye piercing look. This didn't seem like a chance encounter. He asked if people who never had the chance to know Christ would still be able to go to Heaven. Now, I just happened to read something about that the other day. He seemed happy with my probably rambling answer. 

I then asked him if I could give him something. He said sure. I handed him a Rosary and a pamphlet. He was surprised. Then he surprised me. He asked if I could meet him on Friday. I asked if he would go to Church with me. He said, Yes!!! I told him he could go with me anytime, but I wasn't going to be able to buy him lunch every time. However, I thought later that I will make him a sandwich or two and bring it. I had apologized that I hadn't gotten the rosaries blessed yet; he asked if we could do that on Friday!  

He wasn't there that Friday and I haven't seen him since. Maybe I'm being taken advantage of. Maybe not. But I DO know that God gave me an almost immediate answer to my prayer. Praise God!!

Btw, I just started saying the Divine Mercy since last Wednesday  and the Novena Monday. I didn't notice, but this parish is consecrated (I think that's the right word) to the Divine Mercy!

I'm trying not to brag, really I'm not; I just want to share the blessing He has given to me. Who knows what next week holds?  Who even knows what this Friday holds? God does, and that's all that matters. 

Open your eyes, and He shows us amazing things!

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